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Fade Away Serum


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• Brightens discoloration from sun damage and breakouts
• Refine pores and bumpy, uneven texture
• Fade age spots and ashy, dull, gray and glycated complexion
• Reveal clearer, more even toned skin
• Minimize blemish-related pigmentation

Here’s How It Works

• Azelaic Acid (10%): Normalizes keratinization, refining the skin, clearing surface congestion and fading stubborn dark spots.
• Lilac Stem Cells: Plant stem cells reduce dark spots caused by inflammation, improve elimination of dead skin cells and revealing smoother, blemish free surface.
• Red Algae: Targets UV-induced pigment formation, age spots and glycated skin and also helps improve uniformity and luminosity.
• Stabilized Vitamin C: Protects skins suppleness, neutralizing surface radicals that lead to dehydration, accelerated aging and a compromised barrier.