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Activating Liposome Complex


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Challenges skin to correct a variety of skin conditions and problems, displaying visible results within 24-hours to several weeks.

The main ingredient in Active-Liposome Complex is 1,3 Beta Glucans (Nayad™), a patented polysaccharide from the cell walls of Baker’s yeast. The object of over 1600 studies at such research institutions as Harvard Medical School, MD Anderson and Baylor and Tulane Universities, Nayad is a known Biological Response Modifier that supports the body’s natural ability to correct itself. When applied to the skin, Nayad has been shown to challenge skin to correct a variety of skin problems, including acne-type breakouts, sallow skin due to smoking or poor health, skin cells adversely affected by UVA light, aging contours, surface lines and deeper wrinkles.

NOTE | While Active-Liposome Complex may help correct visible imperfections, it is not intended as a cure for skin diseases or other medical conditions.